Friday, January 16, 2009

Plane Crash Bashing

I installed three TVs at Lone Wolf so I could watch the tickers on CNN, Fox and MSNBC simultaneously. I think that, between the three of them, and taking into consideration the close proximity of one TV to the other, I might balance off the political agenda of each broadcast throughout the day. The funny thing is that they all report on the same things, all day long. None of which sight anything good going on, anywhere.

And when I use the term "good", I mean something that is positive. Plane crash is not good, however survivors are. But this doesn't really count and zero's out the possibility of these networks being noted for reporting positive news, because we all know that the real reason for their presence was to start counting bodies, wager the destruction of those families losing grandparents, parents, children. It must have been a disappointment for the image makers.

So here is something for you. When I got home today, my wife asks me if I had heard about the crash? I grinned and said, "uh I might have heard...something". And you want to know what she said?--Nope, not one thing about the people getting out of there alive, not one thing about the hero's that landed that beast, the cold water, the stories of the survivors overcoming the odds of certain death. She asked if any dogs or cats might have been killed after seeing the cargo area submerged in water. Now, Janie thinks animal first, humans...somewhere down the line.

She is an animal lover and, God love her, she lives and breathes the plight of the homeless and underprivileged domestic pet. This is her goodness. It is not a bad thing at all for anyone to have this as part of their conscientious make-up. I find it to be indicative of her caring, nurturing personality and I suppose I married her, in part, because of this trait.

But lets take inventory here. The plane came crashing down, (shall we not make mention the fact that it was a flock of geese that got sucked through the propulsion mincers causing the crash), the water was cold, the reporters were all there, no dead bodies, only positive stories, triumph over death and perish... but oh yeah, all the animals on board died a horrible aquatic prison of death!

I have to say something here. Of my (now 47) years of flying I have never, ever seen a dog or a cat being loaded into a plane or carried on, not once. Is there a separate gate for these people and their pets. Do they have attendants down there keeping things quiet?--below somewhere, under the main seating area where the animals are stacked in crates?--lots of them?

I had to chuckle, her assessment of the situation--the outcome by which she thought things could be at a time when it was actually pretty good for the people surviving that horrible crash. This is truly a sign of her character and a good one at that--to watch out for those who might have been forgotten, the secondary, the animals who take a second seat to our existence. This is what you notice about someone after being married to them for quite a while--a certain something that, should you make it long enough, makes you smile and appreciate who they actually "are" as a human being. I am lucky that way.

It is hardly true that we as human beings are represented accordingly by the media, the Nancy Graces, the MSNBC specials on prison life, A&E's intervention, Fox's Cop's.....

Real life is depicted in real life moments when you figure out how good you have it.


Dave Ploch said...

Yeah, but were there any Wolves in the cargo hold. Now THAT would be bad.

patchkit said...

I'm thinking Ralph is going to get lucky tonight.

Anonymous said...

with bills ass

Ralph Pfremmer said...

pretty clever stuff

Justin Pollnow said...,2933,480949,00.html

They say not even a pet perished.

Justin Pollnow said...,2933,480949,00.html
They say not even a pet perished.