Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Angus Young going up.

My ears are still ringing and my voice is shot. I screamed like a teenager with both hands punching the air in front of me. The chick in front of me traded places with her boyfriend in an effort to keep bruising at a minimum.

And that is what was so funny. I attended the concert with my boys Chef John Fraganza and Chris Lupo. John has kind of this head banger style with his 75 dollar black Metatlica T-shirts, disc ear rings and Dave Navarro beard, he looked about like everyone else. Chris, well he looks about as suburb as I do, so it was of no consequence that we simply left work, got in the car and drove immediately to Rigazzis for fish bowls dressed as we were at 7:00 AM that morning.

I just got two words: Angus Young. That dude is like no other. I am virtually speechless as to the energy this guy puts out. His style is basic and loud and straight blues with bunch of arpeggio built in. I am unsure if words can describe the passion and energy that he has when performing. And lets face it. That is what we can see or not see when a group of "over 50's" snatch a hundred dollar bill out of our wallets. I have been disappointed on tours like these, tired and lackluster performances from old timers who seem to have over rehearsed and simply go through the motions. Not the case at all with these guys. The gage?--how the fans react. There was not one person seated the entire time in the entire arena the entire time. The shouting and screaming spilled out in to the streets and into the cars, and on the highway to hell home. It was a religious experience seeing these guys. Bra-VO!

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