Saturday, April 18, 2009

I'll take that back

Friggin Albert, that is all I can say. The guy is reaching Grandmastergeezer status. I hung a while, but damn he was climbing. That is what I like about the casual rides with the competition. Sooner or later you try and flick the fly off your back with a burst of speed. It happened on the Just ins loop coming up from the bridge towards the cardiac downhill. Mercy.

For such a recession there sure were a lot of dudes hanging at the wolf today, on their way to a ride somewhere. I think the recession is a bunch of crap so I spend my money at Whole Foods, like last night when I spent 26 bucks on tuna salad, chicken salad and some friggin olives and marinated garlic. I tipped the checker. Love those tats.

How about Anderson Cooper commenting on the "tea bagging" demonstration. WTF? Bob and Tom had a hey day with this.

I saw Greg Gerrard the other day riding his bike. Greg and wife Rose were nearly killed, broken neck, vertebrae upper jaw. Holy cow I had forgotten all this when he rolled up. He is such a nice guy and a great competitor. I am so inspired by him coming back from near death, rolling up to Lone Wolf amidst all the (expletive) construction! About another week, they tell me. Sursley, Greg, glad you are back.

I am so riding my new carbones in the AM. I want to hear the sound, can you hear it. Selling a nice Single speed btw. Gunnar, very, very nice.

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