Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Introducing: Team Geezerbudy

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Mark "Little Buddy" Baur and Paul "Grandmaster Geezer" Krewet load up on Kolch in preperation for the MR340

I busted out last night and finally got in a decent burn on the mountain bike. Conditions were quite good and, even though I was a little sore from Mondays ride, Bells on Sunday, and two prior days of training...I was pleased with the performance. Little Buddy was on hand for the first time in I don't know how long. We had not ridden by ourselves for quite a while. It was going to be game on.

Mark showed with a single speed. And I don't think it matters much as far as level playing field. We have all ridden single speeds, all ridden geared bikes. On those trails it really doesn't matter.

But Mark says "dude, "Loyk, luts gayo up Cardiac!"...

I wasn't going to be able to stand and hammer, like he would have to do. He owned it and took off at the top while I managed to crawl over in my granny. I caught him at the bottom and the game was on. It was a blast riding with Mark, we used to compete against each other year after year. This April marks my 10th year of racing bikes. And Mark was one of the first people I met when finishing the 2000 AMBC hosted by Bigshark and none other than Sam Moore. These guys were an inspiration to me as I was getting my shit together health wise. I would have never thought how things would have turned out. Funny stuff.

Mark and I were just about even except for him having a bit of an edge on cardio fitness. I was suffering a bit but didn't want him to know. Geezer had put the hammer down on Monday on a City ride that had us stopping every mile an a half at stop lights.

What was funny is that both Mark and I have been doing cross training over the winter. I have actually gained weight do to the python-age in my arms and chest. Mark says he has some too but the guy weighs all of about 160 and if he stands sideways, you have to focus in.

I am sitting at 205 this morning (after...breakfast) with a smaller waist and stronger core. Strahan at Nutriformance must have the key to this build up. I assume any body fat will disappear with the longer road rides. I normally race at 193, without any upper body training for the past 6 years. The core is neccesito for the MR340, the heinous kayak trip that Ploch and I have now gotten Geezer and Little Buddy talked in to.

So here is to you, you old decrepit test tubes of aging. I am pre-announcing Team Geezerbudy for July's MR340. Get to paddlin.

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