Thursday, April 1, 2010

Lone Wolf has gone "Live"

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Lone Wolf Coffee Company continues to take shape. The coffee house and Cafe in West St. Louis County has most recently put the Blackhawk Room on the map as one of St. Louis's newest music venue. On Wednesdays, while customers chew on a "very kick A" happy hour buffet, the Brown Dog Blues Band Below

has been filling the place up with their version of Jimmyleg Blues and Soul. Come early and hear them practice, stay late and get your soul on with the blues.

The patio is open and the Geezer has some more of his furniture finished. As with all the furniture, artifacts and pictures at Lone Wolf, there is a dandy story behind every single thing. Did you know that the patio tables were in a Disney movie, so were both the wooden Indians and the Grizzly sign. There are too stages at Lone Wolf, the Soapbox stage below.

Yep, made for local character and mis-understood friend, Lewis Greenberg, and anyone else wanting to rant and rave about anything of substance. It ain't for politicians though, word. We are the anti-politician at Lone Wolf, a place where real community "settlin" takes place. No political backdrop for us.

The Blackhawk stage is where I collect all my band stuff and where the Brown Dog Blues Band plays. We got the idea to open the room because our band, originally called Mike's Basement, didn't want to play in Mike's Basement anymore. So we started practicing in what used to be Pfoodman's offices. We kind of let the Geezer go to town on the furniture, the stage, and I had an employee, Tanya Schuck, paint a mural on the wall. The rest just came together as our art. Lone Wolf is art, btw. An expression of the good things in life. Come and check us out.

Big acts coming. On April 22nd, Jimmy "Duck" Homes rolls in from Mississippi with the Delta Blues. I am telling you right now. If you don't come and see this guy play, one of the last true legends of Blues, you will regret it. 5 bucks at the door. Cheap.

Lucky Dan and Naked Mike have now found their stage in West St. Louis County. Come Check them out this Friday and chew on some major kick A happy hour buffetings.

Don't forget Mackal Smith, bluegrass and original, April 10th. If you have not heard him at the Saturday morning Jams, come and check him out. You won't be disappointed.

Paul Randheim is coming back. Indy Rock and smooth listening. Just returned from a mission trip in Africa.

Jeff Hall and Monica Herzig are coming May 20th, my favorite "band coach" Cheryl Hughey Productions, we can thank for bringing in this national act. It has literally put us on the map in social media and music venue. Thanks Cheryl for getting them here. 5 bucks at the door.

What the women's are doing...
The best patio, did I say that. Mrs. Pfremmer will be kicking A on the gardens soon, so look for that. Mrs. Strecker will be working the tables, if you haven't met her she is about 5 foot tall and packs a punch with her hospitality, Kiki Strecker, a fireball. Calling Mrs. Miquelon...please bring your kick A cookies up in here, please.

You see, the place is a family joint, folks with passions. Yep, we like to indulge ouselves a tad from time to time, but nothing over the top. We are a first set music (done by 10:00). We are a food, beverage and community spirited cornerstone. Stop in and see what will soon roll out in a second and third location. Check out all the pictures, friends and family from the area doing active living things, O-Sports, Dirty Sports, whatever you want to call it. Come and hear the best blues collection on our music system. Come and be Wapiti.


ChickenGrease said...

You the man Ralph!!! I'm gonna check you out one of these days!!!

Ralph Pfremmer said...

Dale Pyatt, damn near a legend already. Nice job on your CD! Been watching you rise to fame. I would love to have you play here. Let me know when you are passing through.

Kim and Eric said...

I found your blog on google. Are you speaking of Kiki Strecker, formerly of Elijah McLeans in Washington, MO? If so, please tell her hello from a former waitress.