Monday, March 15, 2010

Music at the Wolf

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Since we decided to make Lone Wolf a music venue, strange things have happened. We have immersed ourselves in the community of the music industry--a tribe of folks who like to perform, listen and be involved in the community of music. Lone Wolf fulfills its quirky demure, by offering up an eclectic calender of music. Mainly folk, blues and acoustic rock, some artists love to perform their original work.

This Friday Matt Mossotti carries the spirit of his fascinating journey in to the verve of his music, in which a deeply felt worldview and a relationship to the transcendent....

Matt will perform after special guest Sean Coray at the BlackHawk Room at Lone Wolf Coffee Company in Ballwin.

On April 22nd Jimmy "Duck" Holmes will bring his Delta music to the Lou and specifically to Lone Wolf Coffee Company. Jimmy "Duck" Holmes is the proprietor of one of the oldest juke joints in Mississippi, the Blue Front in Bentonia. In the mid-2000s he began performing blues actively after many years of performing casually, and has already garnered several awards and many accolades. He is a practitioner and conscious advocate of a distinctive blues style from his hometown whose most famous proponent was blues pioneer Skip James. Holmes was born to sharecroppers and Skip James was his influence. Come and see this icon perform at Lone Wolf.

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