Monday, March 15, 2010

O-Sport Update

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St. Joes XC Leadbelt Race from bob arnold on Vimeo.

So I bailed on the 1st mountain bike race of the season. It looked to be a muddy mess and that it was, according to the video that sick fast guy Bob Arnold put up from his helmet cam . Sorry guys, I do want to support the season, but I ain't all that fond of the mud and the continued trashing of my bike. I did that shit during the cross season and I have a hard time getting my head right to go and slop in the rain. I hope they had fun down there. Seems like Mark Grumpke always puts on a good show at St. Joe State Park. I guess I am feeling a tad guilty.

On a good note, I was able to get out twice this week on the new Hobie, my capsule for the 340 mile self propelled boat race from Kansas City to St. Charles. Yes, the boat came in last week and I got the maiden voyage in and then some. I am enjoying the fitness part of it. Seems the pedal stroke is very similar to a stair stepper, so my winter training of hours and hours on the stair stepper has paid off. The Geezer and I basically muscle ourselves up river on the Maremec until the first one breaks. Then it is balls out down to the car. yesterday was a good 4 hour run and I am feeling it. By the way, just because it is foot powered doesn't mean schnizz. Whenever shallow water hits, you have to disengage the drive, raise the Rutter and paddle like all the other schmoes. The boat is not optimal in design while doing this, like a big log I worked like hell to get the thing up the fast current. The Geezer was able to pull away in the Wilderness Systems "Pungo" 140, also purchased at my sponsor, Alpine Shop. Both boats are as good as they get for this type of thing. I am thinking the Geezer might want to do the MR340 in July.

Bauer called me twice this week and said that he will be attending the Brown Dog Blues Band Review this Wed. I am banking on this. Mark, it has been duly noted. Bauer, reservations for two. Who else? Two buck Shclaffs.

It is indeed hard to get in to the gym with the weather changing. Looks to be pretty good weather this week. So lots of miles and calorie burning. I am thinking of getting on the big river Missouri for a jaunt from Washington to Defiance. Try and build some power with the Hobie Adventure, and get an idea of my MPH. The river is likely high, so if that is the case it will be a no go. It is a bit dangerous in the cold water. Yesterday the river rose quite a bit during our float. Geezer called and said they found a body down there too. Wtf?

This is the capsule for the MR340

I do plan on doing the hybrid workout a couple times a week at Nutriformance. The core benefit is astounding. I have not had the core strength that I have currently, due to the pain doled out by Amy Strahan. Who, by the way, got in the money in the heinous New Orleans Roubaix (or whatever it was called). Amy also won the MOBAR for women. Nice job. Go see her for pain at Nutriformance. She has a way of motivating like no others. A very solid perception of what you can handle. Did a great job with my daughter Natalie too.

Thanks to Mike Wiess who is donating a ton of memorabilia to our next location of (whatever it will be called). The Wolflike cafe will take shape as soon as we find an ideal location. Lots of folks want us in at the Meadows out in Lake St. Louis. Not sure about the density yet. Thinking outside the box a bit. Anyone seeking to become a licensee should contact me direct.

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Damn Skippy The Meadows....but only if BDBB will make a monthly showing...

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