Tuesday, April 20, 2010

40 miler....Check.

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The idea is to do a 30 and a 40 miler this week, then next week knock out a 70 midweek, rest. Then a 30 late week. So...70, then 100. Then, in two weeks, the 120, Jefferson City to St. Chuck. A couple things to take note on:

Please note, what we call the "Red Neck", achieved by river-ing.

First, we will need SAG on the 120, either of the chicks are fine, but lets make sure we get the deal done. We want to see support every six hours. This is surely going to be a 14-er. That means food and a ton of "oh, don't you guys look still look good" and "oh my what athletes you guys are"...whatever.

Chris Ploch in Pike Position, for whatever reason.

Second, there are Zombies in both the Labadie power plant and the Missouri Water Plant buildings along the route on the big river between Washington and St. Charles. I am sure of it and we have discussed the high cadence necessary to keep them from bleeding on us. They don't likely have a clue as to how to use a boat. Whatever.

Here are the numbers. we averaged 8.7 on the 40 miler, 8.6 on the 30. I am thinking the adjustment to the big gear is going to work itself out fairly quickly. My knee pain was less than before and my gluts and hamstrings adapted quicker. But man, watch for the chaff.


Third, barges are the schnitt. There was this one kick "A" barge out today that made for some fairly ocean like water for about a half hour. Not kidding the friggin water bounces back and forth for ever. Below is the first barge of our training and I am happy that I put the camera away afterwords. Total water over the bow for twenty minutes. Pretty good monotony breaker if you ask me.


Laura said...

You guys just need to keep me posted.

Anonymous said...

How fast can you go on flat water (no wind) in one of those hobie yaks?

Ralph Pfremmer said...

You can top out around 6. We have been running an average of 8.7 with a 4 mile current.