Thursday, April 22, 2010

Chapping the "A":

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What does it?....little dogs like this manicured just right so their owners can...manicure them again...

What is with the spam on Blogger? Each day I have to delete the spam on my comment/messages. Multiple forms of solicitation, Viagra deals, naughty sites...Can't blogger do something about this? They solicit in languages that I have never even seen. I am Chinese?

I am sore! Rather than take off yesterday I thought I would jump out for a quick spin of the legs at Castlewood in order to work some of the Lactic Acid out of my quads from Tuesdays river adventure. The Van Dessel is quite delicious and I can't hardly keep my hands off her. By the way, Reis Road is closed, so anyone entering the park needs to come from Kiefer Creek.

I made the mistake in calling the Geezer, because testosterone kicked in at the base of the newly designed Kick "A" Cedar Bluff trail (Blue Ribbon) and I tried to get away. There we now find a trials like surface that requires some skill. Kind of Flint Quaryish on the Chubb side. Nice work GORC. I believe we will prepare meals again for the workers at Saturdays work day. Thanks for all GORC does, btw.

I did not get away and the Geezer put the hammer down on Love trail, leaving me in a pool of said Lactic Acid...kind of like what Justin Pollnow was thinking below at the Short Track Dirt Crit Finals last year.
Justin is 6'10" by the way. When asked if he plays basketball his retort: "Do you play miniature golf?"

Can somebody Puleeeeeese shut McGraw Milhaven up?!!! The latest radio jock to take a swipe for the sake of his own popularity. What is his beef with the Rams? I have to listen to him each morning because "my wife just thinks he's the shcnitt". Hey Milhaven, just because Limbaugh and Slaten chimed in to bash the deal that Kroenke and Shad have working doesn't mean that you have to cause more uncertainty for the general public. Don't you want tickets to be sold? I hate media speculation. Kroenke has every right to hold his cards close to his chest. Millhaven can't even get a diet right much less a take on the business of pro football, word. I am calling Nancy Grace.

Here, have a picture of 401 in Crested Butte. Look closely at Eric behind me, he is getting low because, precisely at the time that this photo was taken, a squall came up and cracked the whip about 50 meters away. We got real low the rest of the way down that mountain, at around 25 miles an hour. Hate that when it happens. Not.

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