Sunday, April 25, 2010

Recording Blues

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I had never been in a studio much less actually record a song in one. Since it was raining and the day was sure to be a wash as far as O-sport, I thought I would take Craig Ceasar up on his offer to mix a couple Brown Dog songs for use on our My space account, when we finally get around to putting one out there. We have some originals and a couple covers that we want to put together on a CD. So look for that. What was missing was Kevin Coe's superior lead riffs, plus Peter (Cornbread) Cohen's bass thumping, and of course, Doc Antny's ghostly keys.

Craig plays the violin, bass and drums (slap box) on this version of (They call it) Stormy Monday, by T-Bone Walker, originally recorded back in 1947. I do vocals, harp and lead guitar. We finished in just under two and a half hours. I have a new found appreciation for the logic board, word.

I was certainly jacked on Wolf Roast from Lone Wolf Coffee Company, word.

A bunch of other artists recorded the song, including the the Allman Brothers, Jethro Tull, Eric Clapton and others taking heed on the electric guitar 12-bar classic.

Below is a short vid of Craig playing violin to the pre-recorded vocals, harp, guitar and bass.

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Anonymous said...

Recording is always an extremely time consuming and nit-picking task. Love to put down some tracks for you guys.

Good see'n the gang last week....

Chef Mike