Sunday, May 9, 2010

1st MTB Race Doles Pain!

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I suppose I was somewhat prepared having done several long rides this year, along with the boating thing. I am fat though, a tad. Need to drop the rest of the 5-6 pounds (10) to be optimal. I was thinking this as I rounded the second 8.5 mile lap (of 4) at Greensfelder park, a notoriously challenging trail system in West St. Louis County. Hell, its the hardest race course and always has been. I like the technical stuff, the dangerous downhills, the diggin deep stuff that pays off later in the season.

But Crikey, that was painful. I was unable to pull the fast laps that I had planned on lap 2 and 3. Instead having to settle in to the grind. I was seeking a top five spot but during the first lap decided to back off and save the legs for what would be a long day. 3:39 in the saddle for 8th place, should have been 3:20 in the top 5. I was able to dance a bit with the others, even reeled within eyesight a couple, but had to keep the legs where I had them in order not to cramp. Endurance class is a different deal. While there is tempering the competition is very stiff and it is really just a race of those who can go fast and long. The highlight was getting the hole shot with Doug Davis, we put a solid 30 meter gap on the field ont he first downhill. Which I relinquished a couple miles in.

It is a good start to what I hope is a good season. I can shave the time down, have done it before, but Crikey, I am still numb.

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