Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Brown Dog Opening Ballwin Concert Series

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Yup, The Brown Dog Blues Band of West St. Louis County (House Band for Lone Wolf Coffee Company) will load up the tour bus and hit the road, about four miles to be exact. New Ballwin Park, next Wednesday the 19th. Mackal Smith will open around 6:00 PM, Brown Dog plays from 7-9. Bring a cooler and a blanket, family. Lone Wolf will be handing out samples of its cool menu.

In case it rains! No biggie. We have scheduled Brown Bottle Fever, the coolest, gritty, grooving blues band in St. Louis playing at Lone Wolf, so we will all just hang there. Zak, the lead man just happens to be a Lindenwood grad so the dude is in with the Pfoodman. As usual, massive happy hour specials on the Geezers new bar. Check out Geezerbuilt furniture displayed throughout, by the way. Freaking guy is sick with rustic creativity.

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