Thursday, July 22, 2010

Race #4

We are on tonight, race #4. The only changes will be that we will consolidate the festival area, and close down shop earlier. The races will take place, one right after another, not a lot of time between. And posting results at the race will not be the priority. Everyone needs to be out of the park by 8:55, no excuses. B and C racers, be ready to race at the completion of the race before you. This will save time.

Results will be up by around noon on Friday and the usual settling will occur.

If this is cool with everyone we will rock the race and get the heck out of th park.

The freaking MR340 was postponed until August, so race #5 will still have my presence. We will display the boats that Chris and I are using tonight, thanks to Alpine Shop for their sponsorship on this. Anyone interested in doing the MR340 now, it is likely that there will be openings due to the fact that some will drop out.

We have decided to still have the party on Sunday, after the finale. Just makes better sense. The menu is the same that we are feeding the rams training camp that day, so look to get a feedbag on at the conclusion of the race. Beverages will be served, music, likely a couple celebrities.

Trophies will be awarded for 1,2,3 in ABC. 1,2,3 in Women's and 1,2,3 juniors. Geezerbuilt Furniture is making them, they are way cool.

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