Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Building Attitude for the MR340

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Just about three weeks till the MR340, the 340 mile self propelled boat race down the Missouri River from Kansas City to St. Charles. While I can say that I feel fairly well conditioned. I am a bit nervous over the support that will be needed and the logistics that will need to be laid out prior. This is not my best function. So today or tomorrow, the Intern and I will set out a plan to organize the event. I think I will go ahead and chart my plan here on the blog so anyone wanting to follow can follow.

There are many things to do. First is to get the drive fixed. I received my replacement fins and masts last week after snapping them on the meremac. That was uncool. Had to paddle the remaining 15 miles after being on the river for 8 hours. This was the second significant float that basically told me that I could indeed be ready for the MR340 conditioning wise anyway. Overcoming the adversity was key, I made it in by dark without my mirage drive function and we got caught in two severe thunderstorms and overcame the fear of that.

We have also floated Hermann to St. Charles, Glascow to Rocheport, several Washington to St. Charles and others. This and the bicycle racing (combined with a general overall fitness approach)should have me good to go. I just broke the 200 pound barrier and will likely drop another 15 between now and the end of the race.

This is interesting because I am performing fairly decently in mountain biking. My weight in prior years (optimally for cycling) has been 185 to 190. Heavy for a cyclist, but not unheard of. This years training with Nutriformace built a bit of bulk and more power. I am more fit but have the weight from the muscle tension. doesn't matter in the boat, but it sure makes me work harder in the saddle. Looking to bet down to the 180's for the cyclocross season as a result of the conditioning in the boat.

We start at Kaw Point near downtown Kansas City. My goal is to get to Miami, day one, and fuel up for the next two days, get some sleep and inventory my wherewithal after the first 105 miles. Then leave as soon as possible to get to Noren the following afternoon, another 118 miles. Noren to the finish is 117 miles, so I may try and get to Hermann one way or another in the dark to shorten that a bit. The mandatory Checkpoints are below. We must stop and check in each checkpoint or be DQ'd. I also want to see the intern on each stop, in order to get hydration and fuel. I may wave off, since the support crew can now do the checkpoint sign offs without actually coming in.

This year may prove to have the lack of sandbars. The river is high and the current is fast. I will be out this week to see exactly what we have in store. While i expect the river to come down a bit, it will not be what I expected, with exposed wing dyke's and sandbars to look out for. Maneuvering around the submerged wingdykes have been a concern, since you cannot hear them in the dark.

Kaw Point, mile 367, Race Begins, 8am Tuesday, July 27th.

Lexington, mile 317, (50 miles) 5pm Tuesday Leg avg. 5.56mph Total avg. 5.56

Waverly, mile 294, (23 miles) 9pm Tuesday Leg avg. 5.75mph Total avg. 5.62

Miami, mile 262, (32 miles) 11am Wed. Leg avg. 2.29mph Total avg. 3.89

Glasgow, mile 226, (36 miles) 6pm Wed. Leg avg. 5.14mph Total avg. 4.15

Cooper's Landing, mile 170, (56 miles) 2pm Thurs. 2.80mph Total avg. 3.65

Noren (Jeff City), mile 144, (26 miles) 7pm Thurs. 5.20mph Total avg. 3.78

Hermann, mile 98, (46 miles) 10am Friday 3.07mph Total avg. 3.64

Klondike, mile 56 (42 miles) 6pm Friday 5.25 mph Total avg. 3.79

St. Charles, mile 29, finish line, (27 miles) Midnight 4.50mph Total avg. 3.85 mph

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