Saturday, July 17, 2010

Building Culture

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Three years ago when pressure from the Royal Council (you know who you are) of Mountian Biking in St. Louis provided an overwhelming need for the return of the Short Track Races held each Thursday in July, I stepped up and took a stab at promoting races. I had helped in a few races here and there and sponsored I don't know how many with food and bev, cash. Pfoodman and the supporting brands have always partnered with promoters of charity outdoor events since we started the business 10 years ago. Event management makes up about 30 percent of our business, catering etc., so it is an easy adjustment taking on the logistics of the racing component. We have learned a lot, and plan on improving and doing more "Oxygen Inspired" sport in the future.

The Dirt Crits were actually founded by Rich Pierce and brought to St. Louis by the 3OG's, Rich Pierce of the ICCC, John Merli of Dogfish and John Muscleman of After participating and sponsoring the cyclocross races for many years, I decided we would create a festival atmosphere during the summer and take things up a notch. Little did I know the power of the party with over 200 racers showing up this past Thursday.

Alpine Shop, Ofallon Brewery, Columbia Sportswear, Marin, Amp, Polk Audio, Lone Wolf. They all made it happen. Big thanks to Todd Oswald and Joe Burke, Tracy Berry and the man, Chris Ploch, all of the Alpine Shop, for believing that we can do this.

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