Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Sona's kicked "A"

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Look real close. And just because they are behind me around early midpoint, don't think for a second that I would keep them behind me. Apparently Ploch decided that we would go up against Carrie and Jeff Sona as part of a cancelled race that was supposed to go from Catawissa to Castlewood on the Meremac. I thought it a good idea to once again forgo any cycling this weekend and concentrate on boat time. Good idea to be on the river, bad idea to be in the midst of the crazy thunderstorm and in the midst of the Nationally Ranked Adventure racer team of Carrie and Jeff. They were in a boat that cuts water like piece of glass and they were extremely tight. They are Alpine Shop folk and race for the Adventure Team all over the country. I am amazed at the tenacity.

So when we took off, basically on Carries command because she was jonesing to get to it, the lightning had another two hours of display to get through, like New Years Eve, we watched lighting come so close that you saw and heard it at the same time. You could see the sparklets dissipate like fireworks do overhead, when oohing and awing at family baseball park friggin firework fun. I was pissed and these guys were poking me the whole time.

I thought that the night stuff was scary, lighting is not cool...

But we made it, in sterile, dank, non moving water all the way to Valley park. Another 6 hours in the boat, getting beat like a stepchild by the happy and experienced husband and wife team of Carrie and Jeff Sona. They are good people, so honored to have gotten a bit of experience with the real deal. Oh, an Ploch was up there six or seven minutes too. I backed off with visions of Bandanas BBQ (not yet a sponsor) popping like a silver salute in my brain. I spent sixty bucks an hour after getting off the river. Word.


Trail Monster said...

Sweet light show for sure this morning. Wendy and I enjoyed it on the ride back from Herman. Some of it was a bit to close for comfort, glad we were not on the water, just merely wearing it.

Jimmyleg (aka) Ralph Pfremmer said...

Word that. Were you on the katy?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout out. The pleasure was ours.
Carrie aka "commando"