Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Paige Hicks Memorial

Paige Hicks

These students represented likely over 30 colleges and universities from everywhere.

Above are the routes that the bikeandbuild.org teams do each year.

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I randomly got an email the other day from a student at Marquette High School. She was a friend of Paige Hicks, the student from Marquette High School nearby who graduated in 2007. Paige was doing a cross country bike ride with bikeandbuild.org and was stuck and killed while checking her messages on the shoulder of the highway. This is a huge loss to our community. Our hearts go out to Paige's family and her team mates.
Bikeandbuild.org is the group who organizes cross-country bicycle trips for college kids benefiting affordable housing groups. They have 10 rides that they do, ten teams who cover the nation raising money for the cause. Pretty significant stuff. Great cause, huge loss for our town. Paige will be missed.

Paiges friend asked if I would be interested in donating a breakfast for the team, who came by bus from South Dakota to attend a memorial service at the High School yesterday. Well, this morning the bus stopped at Lone Wolf Coffee Company and 30-40 of the kindest, most incredible college students that I have ever met got off the bus for breakfast before embarking on the long trip back to South Dakota, where they will continue their journey. I am so honored to have met them and to have found out more about Bikeandbuild.org and Paige's involvement. Such a tragedy.

If you get a moment, check out the site. Make a donation in Paige's honor. Acknowledge their efforts anyway you choose. And most of all, be careful out there.

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Brian said...

Thanks for taking care of my daughter and the other riders!

Brian Cocuzzo