Monday, July 19, 2010

Important information about Short Track Races

First, please enjoy a picture of my first bike, a spider 500, I would love to still have it and shred somebody on it at the dirt crits.

Yes, 200 racers last week, a milestone and a bit of a "be careful what you wish for" thing in regard to scoring, reporting, registration etc.

We have a couple things that we will have to change. Please take note.

1) We have to be out of the park by 8:55, period. Just got off the phone with Randy Becknall, our very supportive guy at the park, and he shared with me that we cannot continue to push the boundaries. Guilty as charged.

For the record, it was the Royal Council who was responsible. Somebody packed a cooler for them and there they stood until they kicked us out. I was busy packing up.

So we can continue with Royal Council, but we have to shut it down early and move to a parking lot on the outside.

2) We will start the B and C races when the officials are ready, early if need be, and will not delay the races in order to try and get results posted. We will have the results online ASAP, usually by noon the next day. We will still have the contesting period of...whenever I decide. John Pfiefer picks them up and imports them to series standings. Thanks John.

3) Registration will be more organized, we will remove T-shirts and sign ups for swag drawings from the registration area and put them at the Alpine Shop Tent. I will have the lines fixed so everyone can warm up and so all volunteers can race and warm up too. Faster registration.

4) We will count on all volunteers, friends, family and anyone who values the series to help break down and get out of the park, no Royal Council meeting. I will throw a most delicious awards party if we can all work together on this.

5) We have new numbers for this week and races following. Everyone gets a new number.

6) The Awards Party will now directly follow the Finale on Sunday the 1st. The reason? I may not even be off the river (the MR340). Look for Chris and my boats on display this week at the Short Tracks, thanks Alpine Shop for the Sponsorship. I won't have much energy after sitting in a boat, this and the party would not begin until after 9:00 PM and the staff at Lone Wolf dropped their jaw when I even mentioned it. Repeat, the Awards ceremony will be on Sunday at 3:00 PM at Lone Wolf, August 1st.

The Awards Party will be killer, food, bev, music, awards. You must have raced to attend. More on this later.

In the event that the finale is cancelled, we will still have the party and awards.

Hope this helps things a bit, sorry about the changes. Very committed to running a top notch series.


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