Saturday, October 23, 2010

Howling at the Wolf

Bulletin, if you have not made plans to run in and/or come and hang out for what is a really cool event, do so. The 2nd annual Moonlight Howl at Lone Wolf on November 12th is a hoot. We should have a ton of folks running the three mile course in the dark with live music, beverages (all kinds) and lots of fun. Make plans to join us.

It is Saturday and likely the first time I have felt compelled to not charge ahead into the day with a vengeance. I am trying to center myself back on my activities, riding bikes, spending time outdoors. It seems that I have had a abundance of project work that has been keeping me from doing what I need most. So just after this post, I will indulge myself into exertion.

I thought I would revamp the blog. Why not? It was looking a little boring, and since the journey is about to get interesting by means of some travel that I have coming up, I wanted to clarify my focus right now. I have a blend of music, outdoors, entrepreneurial, wildlife and wellness platform thing going, sprinkled with what we call Moral Capitalism. Together these "culture silos" make up my personal brand and I am reaching out to the audiences who give a crap about it, do some speaking, some pontificating, you know.

I was lucky to have been able to speak in Arrow Rock Missouri on the stewardship that we plan to implement using a "farm to table" endeavor with Pfoodman and Missouri Valley College. I really, really like Arrow Rock, the history, the people who covet it. Feels like a very small Telluride to me, but in the Missouri Heartland. I look forward to going back there and spending a couple days writing and chilling. My wife and I plan on hosting a dinner for the town folks at the Tavern as soon as our operations take hold there.

Music has been a blessing as it always has for me. We finally got the band to groovin last Wed. and kept the audience all night. We went from "We don't suck that bad" to "You may not want to hear this", to "We hardly suck at all", in the six weeks of transition. Alvin Jett and the Phat Noiz band will play in our spot on Wednesdays until the end of November, but I will play the harp with them as part of a New Artist Showcase each Wednesday with Alvin. The Browndogs will continue to open up for the larger acts, as well as practice in the studio for what will be another 5 or six originals and 20 more cover songs. We should be having our CD out by December, probably just a live studio recording, who really wants it????

I miss not being in shape for the Cyclocross season. But I really don't miss the pain or the non-stop worry of having the conditioning. I am just burned out on the entire peak fitness thing for now. Maybe the journey of hard core fitness is coming to a slow time. I doubt it will ever go away for me, just perhaps not as much intensity. Perhaps no more racing for a while. Some of the goals are getting harder to reach.

I hope everyone has a good weekend. One of the things that we have been doing is watching and attending a lot of football, Rams and Mizzou. Been several years since being such a big fan.

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