Wednesday, October 20, 2010

J. Huston Tavern in Arrow Rock to be site of Education/Heritage Dining Operations

Arrow Rock MO:

The J. Huston Tavern in Arrow Rock MO is currently under pursuit to become both an operating restaurant and education center for students in Hospitality/tourism at Missouri Valley College, Marshall Missouri.

This new endeavor is in preparation for an exciting new program roll out, Eco-Focused Business Initiatives (ECO-FBI)", says Ralph Pfremmer with a smile. "A large step in the direction of sustainability for the Pfoodman companies and for all of our clients and customers. "In addition to taking over the Tavern and creating a new restuarant/tavern operations, we will commence operations in the spring at our new Pfoodman Pfarms agri/tourism facility, a greenhouse and organic food cultivation/tourism operation located just outside Marshall MO".

"We are excited to take yet another step in the right direction, what has become our distinction, making the right choices on buying and growing local from our own community". Missouri Valley College will recruit students for this special program. Currently there are nine students enrolled and plans for 20 more in the fall.

Thursday Pfremmer will host the Missouri Valley Hospitality/Tourism advisory board for an overview of the program and dinner with samplings from the menu and foods locally grown from the region. The Tavern will get a face lift in the areas of historic storytelling and branding, and new period furniture and artifacts significant to the community.

"We hope to inject excitement and get involved in the business community at Arrowrock specifically with Lyceum Theater, the Bed and Breakfast Operations and other merchants in this special place, such and interesting place to spend a day".

The historic J. Huston Tavern was built in 1834 by Joseph Huston, Sr., an early Arrow Rock settler and civic leader from Virginia. Built as a four room, two story brick structure, it was originally the Huston family home. Tradition states that family slaves sawed lumber harvested from nearby forests and made and fired the bricks on the construction site. Huston and other family members completed the finish carpentry.

Pfremmer is CEO of Pfoodman Holdings L.L.C., he and his partners own the multi unit restaurant and management company serving education, business/industry, and senior living. The group also develops brands for retail operations in St. Louis, their popular new concept, The Lone Wolf Coffee Company, continues to be the spotlight of attention and duplication throughout the region. Pfoodman Holdings was listed in the St. Louis Business Journal as St. Louis's top 20 fastest growing companies in 2010.


g-wiz said...

AHHHHH!!!! Ralph you crazy sob... This made my day. It's crazy to think your taking over the very place that I am so found of. Hell just the other night I creamed three pieces of blueberry peach cobbler, drank a pitcher of the best sangria around, and tried to bring out the ghosts upstairs, at the place you now are taking over! I know there had been rumors, and I couldn't think of a better guy to do it.

Just promise me the sangria will stay the same. And the blueberry peach cobbler!

This is just craziness...

Call me next time your in the area, I have some trails to show you!

Garet S.

Geezer Built Rustic Woodcraft said...

Man, you didn't say anything about peach cobbler!