Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Burgers and Music Makers

I went to a Steak and Shake yesterday for the first time in about a hundred years. I was with my wife and daughter. Janie having been on a diet for the last forty days and Natalie looking to indulge in a milkshake. I ate the sliders, three miniature steak burgers with french fries. I consumed the whole thing in about three minutes and asked myself if I should order another platter, for a short moment.

I should have gone big, gotten the double steak burger with cheese, platter, with a salad with blue cheese, a shake to go, for the car. But I did not. I could floss my teeth with those fries, those delicious fries. This is pretty much testimony to my state of things. I indulged, but I did not indulge too much. I am hoping that it does not show up on my belt. Looking to get a burn on today, maybe.

I pulled all the guitars out of my spider infested basement yesterday and brought them to the office. I will display them there until I sell the ones I want to sell and collect a handful of others that are more significant. Significance is key. I have a Stratatone that is signed by Jimmy "Duck" Holmes. I bought it from Jim Sullivan (Fenton James) and, while it is indeed very rough, it is a pretty cool thing to have. I also have a regal blues parlor guitar that I got from Jim, I think it's about a hundred years old. I cannot believe the sound that it puts out, as small as it is and as worn.

The others are simply good used assortments of old and new. I play a Parker currently, very happy with that. The old hollow body Epiphone is a just a grab a way, as is my old early 80's Gibson Sonex180 deluxe, heavy but nice. I have a Stromberg Newport that I got from somewhere. A sweet jazzy sound from the hollow body. Also, some assorted acoustics, including two Resonator Guitars, one a Dobro, the other an American for use in sliding blues. A couple Breedloves, a Celebrity, and a POS parlor guitar that I cannot tune.

So if you have a hankering to come and see and make an offer on any of them, be warned that the collection will improve over time and additional trading will take place in order to create a vintage buy/sell and trade. I suppose we will do the same with some of the amps and stuff moving out of use downstairs at the wolf. As I become more familiar with what I like, it is important that I move in the direction of quality.

Rockin Jake was showing me his setup on that he uses for his harps. A friggin Leslie,

Leslie's are used with organs and that is what he uses to get the sound that combines his unique style of Zydeco with Blues. Rockin Jake was a treat and if you ever get to see him play, be ready to stomp your feet. The best in his field.

You can see the guitar set up by appointment and those wanting to sell, simply give me a call. Looking forward to this new journey.

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