Monday, October 25, 2010

Stacy Johnson

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Meet Stacy Johnson. A former Ikette. What is an Ikette? Stacy played with Ike Turner and with a host of others from the age of thirteen.

From the website:

"Stacy recorded “Consider Yourself” with Ike's band after Ike called Stacy to come back to St. Louis to record on his own label, Sony. That song made the charts and was a big hit! Ike recorded on the Sony label and the Tina label with Stacey and Vernon Guy. During the times with Bennie Sharp and Ike Turner, Stacy learned a great deal. He learned to sing with Bennie Sharp. He learned professionalism with Ike Turner".

I ran in to Stacy at BB's Blues and Soups yesterday. He is recovering from a stroke that set him back a couple years. He is getting stronger now. Seeking to get back in the seat again. This is the reality of these important musicians to our community. These guys have very little but provide so much for the culture of music. I can't wait to use my gifts to help these men and women in their upper years.

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herekittykitty said...

If you have any use for my nursing skills for any little old bluesmen or women. Let me know. Id be happy to donate my time