Tuesday, November 23, 2010


It had been at least a year since I had ridden Chubb Trail. One of the more advanced in the area. I should kick myself for always taking the easy option of Castlewood and Lost Valley, even Greensfelder is a breeze compared to the trials riding and technical skill needed for Chubb. It felt like and old friend.

The Geezer and I actually held a pretty good pace today, electing to do the castlewood loop on the way back, which is filled with a 20 meter sandpit on the backside. This was day two of our comeback. I have been off for three weeks delving in the music indulgences. It is time to come back to the light. Lots of Wapiti stuff shaping up for next year. Dirt Crits, an Urban Assault Race, another Canyon Trip with perhaps a Rim to Rim to Rim option. We plan on doing the MR340 again. Some Ozark Trail stuff. I can't not have the year round fitness to do this stuff. So I have again immersed myself in buildup.

Climbing up we realized the work that had been done to bi pass the main climb going up to the picnic table, after riding up the climb we took the trail back down. It doesn't appear that they will close the climbs, but the additional re-route was quite nice. Both sides now have the reroute, though it appears that we were poaching. When we got to the end of the downhill on the re-route, we saw a no trespassing sign.

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Craig said...

The latest Americorps crew to visit St. Louis finished the trail the morning of the 23rd. If you "poached", it was only by a matter of hours.

Some of the Mashor's buddies still had a nest on the trail in mid October during the GORC workday, so everyone thought it best to leave the trail "closed" until they could be dealt with. A hard freeze took care of that.

Like the Tyson side, the plan is for the old trail to remain open. This just presents some more options.

Craig (the GORC one, not the Thrasher one)