Tuesday, May 31, 2011

TV appearance this morning

I am going to be on TV today. I was thinking about taking some opportunity on a couple things. While I have the stage. While the microphone approaches my lips, the pontificating magic just inches away. It's live too. So I have a chance to take liberty with some of my advocating rhetoric.

Lets make a list of things that I might sneak in the interview.

1) Distaste for the Groupon culture. Just because.

2) The need for more Art and Culture in West County. Check out our music calendar.

3) The Endangered Wolf Center needing the support for our new Pups.

4) Blatant shout out to the Ralph Account folks.

5) The Bike and Blues Experience this Sunday at Vlassis Park.

6) Pfoodman Racing doing 100 miles to nowhere this Saturday, 25 laps of a 4 mile course in front of the Wolf. Proceeds to the Lance Armstrong foundation.

TV, this AM, check it out on KMOV channel 4.

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