Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Blue Bloods and Blotter

A friend of mine recommended last year that I take a couple days off for some personal solitude, as part of a mental cleansing thing. Nobody but me, perhaps a writing device, nobody around but some nature. It'd be a head clearer, a re-focusing of sort, to get things balanced. This sounded reasonable, and I booked it, only to cancel on it because I was too busy. Who has time for solitude?

I was laying on the couch the other day and rudely interrupted by my wife and daughter primping for, what was it?...the U2 concert. Janie and I didn't go (obviously should have) but a fuss was being made over what Natalie would wear. Concert wear has changed since I last attended an outdoor concert. The last major outdoor concert that I remember was Summerjam 1979 or 80 in Kansas City, and it wasn't all that pretty. But it was pretty cool when REO played "Ridin the Storm Out" amid a major thunderstorm while drug dealers scurried to cover their remaining sheets of blotter acid from the downpour.

Anyway, I was grabbing some solitude that Sunday afternoon, because is was hot and because it had been a long week and because I just damn well was! I rarely lay around and do nothing but July is the Tour D France, and nothing puts me down quicker than Bob Roll and Phil Liggett expressing themselves over a Cote d...something. I was on the couch for something like 3 hours and, at best, caught 10 minutes of the broadcast.

I recently did an advertising thing with new St. Louis magazine, Town and Style. Have you seen or heard of it? Apparently it is a head-to-head smack down for blue blooded mag, Ladue News.

From the RFT: "Town & Style launched in February under the direction of Ladue News' former editor Dorothy Weiner and publisher Lauren Rechan. According to Weiner, the new publication will focus on the area's "central corridor" -- extending beyond Ladue News' concentration on Clayton and Ladue". Oh Thank the Lord, finally a society magazine that covers the lay people in Chesterfield. Perhaps we'll get cable next?

This morning I read the thing cover to cover; what has been showing up at my restaurant for the past several weeks. While scouring the pages for my picture or a mention (awful isn't it?), like most people do that read these community mags, I noticed several of my favorite pals from around my town: Sally Drake, on her opening of Swim, Bike Run. Dr. Tim Jordan, noticed he has a column, Tim is our towns best Developmental and Behavioral Pediatricians. Oh, and John Jordan, Tim's son, works for us and we just love that kid.

Loved also the piece on Kids Rock Cancer Gala from Maryville University at the Black Cat Theater. If you have not been to the Black Cat you are missing out. Maryville University continues to be a gem in West St. Louis County. Other important news in Town and Style: The purchase of Busch's Grove and what will be an Italian Family Restaurant, a great piece on the SS Admiral with a unique photo of the Gateway Arch under construction, and topping things off, a really cool column by Charles Brennan. Who doesn't love that guy. T&S, Congratulations on extending your readership beyond Spoede Rd. You got Chesterfield hooked.

Anyway, I feel better already, after taking a nap on the couch and reflecting about some stuff going on in my community I figure solitude is found in odd places. But my trip to Colorado is likely going to come to fruition. Leaving the second week of August on a journey. I am sure I will find what I am looking for.

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