Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The High Road

It came as a surprise one day when Loran Cavano asked if I would play with him. We ended up calling ourselves the High Road and the song set began to take shape in the form of our humor based banter on stage, using the classics of John Prine, Wayne Hancock, Buck Owens and a bunch of originals that Loran has worked out.

Since we took the stage on Mondays, and because we kind of sucked at the beginning, we put a disclaimer on our show, we called it the High Road "Workshop", or so I did. This in an effort to alert those whom might come and hang out while we did our thing--that we might have to take some starts and stops, work out the stuff that makes for seamless music making. And stay they do, sometimes. I think the tongue and cheek humor, which has become part of our show, was a result of our overcompensating the mistakes made as we worked the songs out. It is consistent with taking the High Road, not taking ourselves all that seriously, but working hard to get it right, over time, on stage, in front of others. It is a tad stressful, but I am never shy when a microphone lands at my lips.

About two weeks ago we finally did a show and opened for Wildhorse, another bass, guitar duo, at The Wolf. We packed the room and held them. Now we are off on a new Journey, a gig this week at the Wolf again, and another at the Meremac Marina on Sunday. While I still play the harp around town with whomever asks, the High Road is the road I am on and I am having a ton of fun. Looking to get our CD worked out. We are just about ready to record.

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