Tuesday, July 26, 2011

United by Boondoggle...

I am confused once again. The government has overspent, as it has for decades. And the big debate on capital hill??--raising the amount of money available to manage the business of the United States, and once approved, well, we can pretty much count on the entire thing being swept under the rug again.

So what's the logical solution? Nope, not cutting back on spending. Uh-uh, not reducing costs or eliminating programs that exist because of on going influence from stakeholders. It appears that at least half of us choose not identify with the reality of this event. Confusing yes, alarming if you ask me. Because even fewer folks seem to want to put a stop to the enormous boondoggle that this country has become. Can't we fire somebody for christsake? Who wouldn't agree that Washington is the problem, not the solution? Is this thing on?

How can we sit back and watch this stuff year after year as intellectuals and not get a little more organized? How can we not, as stakeholders in our own quality of life, seek to find better representation? How can we not determine logically that this whole thing, our current political system is simply a bunch of crap?

I challenge anyone on the receiving end of government hand out to spend of day in the life of a business owner, on your dime, the same business owners who are vilified by the liberal media for being...prosperous, of all things. We could start by touring the corporate office, where we can get a learn on on how to interpret our countries bureaucratic policy towards tax liability, corporate governance and human resource laws. Insurance is another matter, fueled by the judicial system, why not go there too? We will start by opening the mail and count how many items have the word "Government" appearing on the return address. I have only two employees in the office, today.

Hell yes there is a double standard? How can the government get the nod to operate differently from that of any business or individual responsible for bankrolling their infrastructure. It's the same economy, they are fish in the sea, no? It's like our government is of separate influence from that which makes us good, that which has been our distinction as a super power. It appears that our government, by its own actions prefers stifling our ability to grow and create, innovate and contribute to our economy. Our government sets its own rules to play by, for its own purpose, its own agenda.

The Fed folks, all of them, right, left and middle, are maneuvering their way in to that which has always been our calling card, entrepreneurial endeavor. Demanding more out of an already fragile situation, we are on a course to failure; the fed leeching away that which has been the foundation, the footprint of our ability to survive just a couple hundred years ago, capitalism.

Academia: with all these degrees in business and a ton of intellectuals out there dolling out perspective--where are the young people? Why are they not motivated to take on and provide influence over such a matter. Where are those who stand to loose the most? I don't see them. Surely there is group of young civil and neutral libertarians in our midst to rescue our country from complacency? If I were 20 again...

Again, businesses, particularly small businesses, have to compete, on going, for lines of credit by leveraging personal assets and highly scrutinized history/projections by top gun annalists, on going. Bottom line, if you don't got it, banks ain't lending it; a shamble perpetuated by our own governments charity driven lending debacle last decade.

So now that we have a ton of busted home owners, failed proprietors and a record number of unemployed, the fed, those we have to rely on in times like this, coincidentally pushes us further in to debt and vulnerability as a nation. And the politicians continue to sell out for the power and push to get buy-in by the oh-so-dependent. The result being an entitled movement gaining ground; what appears to be the plan all along; the Obama administrations subtle, passive aggressive change into socialism. Scary stuff folks. For the record, I don't like any of them.

And what happens to small business? It is no secret, lending comes from private equity now, instead of banks, which means higher interest and/or the handing over of equity so we can keep the jobs we have created for ourselves and many others. And forget the profits, long gone to the coffers of the fed. Word, for Gawds sake consider capital gains taxes on your business if you have not. If you have debt, it counts as capital gain. If you get pushed out due to low cash flow, if sold inappropriately a huge tax bill will reflect your life work and can leave you with a tax debt, and in jail, perhaps. We thank the government for this mess too, if you don't mind lifting up the rug on this one either.

It seems this running-out-of-cash-thing is a huge inconvenience for the fed but most certainly exposes the agenda of the Obama administration. This while the right takes on the logical and political stance. Pahleeeezzzeeee folks. There is indeed a commonality for both sides: stay in the game, motivate voters to play by the rules of the game we are in, the current system, fight, fight, fight for the two alternatives, year after year, decade after decade. So the power shift is minimal.

Bottom line, revenues will be needed to balance the budget, that means raising taxes, that means killing small business.

Why is there a double standard? Because a double standard gets results depending on agenda. The grid needs a bit of tweaking, ifyouknowhatimtalkinbout.

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