Saturday, January 21, 2012

Some Wild Words with Friends

I have not won a single game of Words with Friends.  How can I go on?  Talk about a waste of human time?  At of this writing I have waited for zyngawf_7 to make a move for 18 minutes.  Why?

My Saturday mornings are met with a "what should I do today" anxiousness that carries over in to "perhaps I will make some rounds at the cafe's" 

My staff dislikes this because weekends are when there are fewer mouths to feed an less staff to feed the fewer mouths.  I like to make an appearance from time to time.  Is that awful?  Pfoodman, our business, serves awesome food at an assortment of dining service locations throughout the state.  Mainly colleges and universities, we have a bunch of private elementary schools and private high schools too.  Business has been good.  Now that some really good adjustments have been made. 

The objective, as of late,  has been to define our "culture of excellence" so we can totally shred it in our market place. Recently we have embarked on a journey to determine what this means--what the tangible aspects of our excellence means. Defining COE happens every day, upon my arrival, when I walk through any number of our restaurants (yes, they are restaurants) pointing out that which is right and that which appears to have opportunity.  The fact that we display food in an ambient manner sets the tone for what our customers will choose.  Many things go in to why food tastes good, and it is not always about the impeccable standards by which we prepare the end product.

There are things like lighting, room temperature, body language, attentiveness, name tags, music, details of food displays, color and contrast, urgency, so many things that go into the overall balance and symmetry of an operation--those extra things needed to give guests a good "feeling" when choosing what they are going to put in to their bodies.  If things are cluttered, out of balance, unfriendly, low energy in any form of the word, the food doesn't taste as good. 

Wild Thyme's Wellness is a program that started at Pfoodman's corporate office, and downstairs at the Wolf Public House, one of our licensed brands.  While we have trademarked Wild Thymes Wellness to get the maximum out of our commitment to advocating food that is fun, healthier than not, and food that students eat, it is not a total "must do" approach.  It is subtle, with images and advocacy towards trying to get students to not only eat but to eat right. 

It's been a great program and spirited from an award that I received back in 2010 for Best Citizen in West Newsmagazine.  I was voted best citizen, I suppose, for commitment to health and wellness and promoting and advocating wellness in my community.  At the time I was promoting multiple bike races, a 5k moonlight Howl Runs, numerous events where the outflow of health and wellness were present.  I got a plaque and a picture in the newspaper.  Pretty cool stuff. 

I thought that, if I was able to get a plaque from the local newspaper, then my clients can get recognition for Pfoodman's efforts to help bring attention to healthier eating.  That is what Wild Thyme's is all about, this is what we shall do.

What did you eat today?

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