Thursday, January 19, 2012

Five Words

I should explain the music thing, or the change up as to my influence on things relating to Jimmyleg and the promotion of music at The Wolf and the other promotions that I have been involved in. While I am definitely focused on Pfoodman and centered on leading this company into the next 10 years of incredible performance, little has changed in the way I plan to achieve results, this with a little help from my friends and family.

I have held back because of a couple things that needed my attention--things to do with people, (the most complicated obstacle when navigating personal journey).  Things are coming in to perspective now and I am confident I will benefit from the wisdom gained recently, while laying low, regrouping, recharging, reflecting, planning. All despite the occasional vampire beaten back, now shaken from my shirts leaves, nipping at my skin, lathering a Mosquito drop of blood that will take them as far as, well, it won't take them far enough.  They'll be back.
Nope, for me it's the usual: embark, immerse, absorb, emerge, repeat stuff that requires adjustment from time to time.  I have done this since I can remember.  It's funny, you can find these words in marketing materials throughout my company, and, while building the renaissance and inspirational messaging relating to better health and re-invention; what later ended up being a very significant marketing program called, Wild Thyme's Wellness, serving nearly 40,000 meals per week, I pretty much use the protocol for living my life day to day.  Yes, it is irritating to others.

Yup, this is the way I roll, can't help it.  I am programed that way, like many others I know.  Why?  Environmental. Who wants to play like all the other kids on the playground?  I think it has to do with the way I was raised, the way I learned to motivate myself, solve problems, get ahead, make things interesting enough to engage whatever. It's more interesting this way. It's the way I choose to achieve, perform--it's a go-gettum competitive run through the woods, through the garden of forking paths, if you will.  I really don't know where the trail will end, nor care, but it is sure as heck a lot better than staying in the parking lot waiting for others to emerge. It's a lesson in adaptation, a survivor approach to dealing with advancement.  The journey, an artisan outflow of perspective gained, and I am a performer with an audience.  Self expression is necessary, hence this blog and all the other stuff I suppose I do to get attention.  There are story lines to offer up and I get to purvey them.  How fun is that?

It's not all that fun at times.  I have gotten myself into a lot of trouble here and there, along the way.  It's the humbling part of  "getting there".  Time and experience offers up good results in one form or another, sooner or later.  Because moving is living.

So when I embarked on the music thing it was at the risk of lots of things.  It's a journey and one that I often fall back on the wisdom from other journeys, other forking paths I have traveled.  The thing is, my intuition is better, I can feel the good and bad energy around corners, I am alert to things along the way.  That's why I changed the format of The Wolf to Singer Songwriter from Blues, introduced a more community focused programing for the purpose of developing artists, unplugged and a little raw.  I stopped shoveling out money to the musicians without a return on investment.

It let a lot of folks down and gave a lot of folks opportunity.  What I learned was a very clear perspective on booking music and the performance industry in general, the tight relationships of the music community and the territorial grasping for stages, necessary to make life sustainable as a musician.  I learned how hard the venues struggle, how awful some of the guests can be, wanting something for nothing.  I have learned how loyal parents are to their kids music development.  I learned what its like to play in a band where the leader dies an awful death, that could have been avoided.  RIP: Mathew Kovis.  I had almost forgotten how much that hurt.

The Wolf continues to evolve, wandering thought the woods like the rest of us.  Jimmyleg is not gone, but it is not just me.  Just as Pfoodman is a group of like minded people who want to achieve by way of the five words, Jimmyleg is a path of knowledge and aptitude waiting for anyone, ifyouknowhatimtalkinbout.    

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