Saturday, September 1, 2012

Ralph Pfremmer

Ralph Pfremmer is the President and Founder of Pfoodman, a multi-unit on-site catering management company headquartered in St. Louis MO.  Pfoodman operates dining service programs for private Secondary, High School and Higher Education Clients in Missouri, Illinois and Tennessee.  Prior to launching Pfoodman in 2000, Ralph’s career has spanned three decades, focusing on national casual themed restaurant, catering/event management and private club management. 

Pfoodman was recently acquired and a new company formed to partner with the Britt Hunt Companies, the largest distributor of Hunt Brothers Pizza, of Nashville TN.  The Britt Hunt Company distributes pizza to over 2100 convenient stores in 16 states.  Ralph remains at the helm as President and partner of Pfoodman.

With a strong background in culinary arts, business management and communications, Pfremmer has managed his career with an uncompromising standard of excellence and creativity.  His ability to build and maintain relationships have been the catalyst for many long term clients, including Lindenwood University, St. Louis College of Pharmacy, Missouri Valley College, Chaminade College Preparatory and many more.     
It’s often heard “Ralph is not your typical CEO”.   As a part of his advancement strategy, he takes part in many community organizations and advocacy groups centered on art and culture, active living, sustainability and eco-focused endeavors; promoting and participating in charitable marketing events throughout the region.  As an athlete, Ralph competes in competitive cycling and other endurance events as part of his authentic personal advocacy towards health and wellness.  He is currently a member of Pfoodman Racing, an elite cross country mountain bike and cylcocross bicycle team competing regionally.

In 2008 Ralph founded The Wolf Public House, a unique restaurant concept centered on advocating the benefits of the active living lifestyle.  Later, he introduced live music to the brand which led to the booking and promoting of musical events under the brand, Jimmyleg Presents.  Ralph was instrumental in the development of St. Louis Blues Museum project and was a former partner of, a music promotions business. 

As a musician, he currently plays with country music band, Loran Cavano and the High Road.  In 2011, they released their first album, More than a River.  Ralph was Executive Producer of a Blues CD titled The Restoration Project for local charity Urban Future.  The album featured blues artists Alvin Jett, Marlin Harris, Nephew Davis, and singer songwriter, Sean Coray.

In 2010 Ralph was recognized with the West St. Louis County Citizen of the Year due to his work with promoting events in the community.  He sits as board chair of the Endangered Wolf Center in Eureka MO, he’s member of the business advisory council at Lindenwood University School of Business and Entrepreneurship.

Ralph believes that in order to understand a culture, you must live the culture.  His lifestyle is authentic; a lifelong process of learning by doing, then sharing with others the benefits of stewardship and business fulfillment.  With Pfoodman, it has been the culture of excellence driven by Ralph’s innovative style that has gotten the company to where it is today. 


Chris Fenton said...

Google Plus aka GPT a promotional printing company based in Nashville agrees with Ralphs philosophy! You have to know who you are before you can understand the needs of your customers. Congratulations to Ralph on his accomplishments as well as his ability to take risks where they lead him!

Chris Fenton said...

We at GPT ( agree with your philosophy. Congratulations on a risk well taken! Ralph is a true businessman who was able to weather the storms of the food market and channel his passion into a formidable business, the goal of every entrepreneur! Ralph if you are ever in Nashville we have some great cycling here, feel free to contact us for a free ride!