Friday, October 12, 2012

The Voice of Political Swagger

"Aren't politics and their collection of talking heads just another cast of reality show contestants?"

I was speaking, of course, about the debate last night, specifically, about Biden and his facial contortions in sync (and quite possibly being manipulated through a foot pedal) with anything Ryan had to say.  This while loading up on Black Lighting this morning at The Wolf Public House...I asked Bob this question.  And he said "Hey man, that's blog material". 

Its not like the juice is flowing these days.  I am laying low on writing much about anything.  Trying to transition from one place to the next.  It's a slap in the face when somebody says "Hey, whatever happened to that blog?--I used to read it all the time".  I say stuff like, "Come on dude, you know that thing was nothing more than a bunch of egotistical rhetoric with a bunch of pictures and stuff of me and my friends doing cool stuff".  So I have now been reduced to being encouraged to write about politics? 

Perhaps I need new cool stuff. 

Political Stuff

My attitude towards the above has something to do with it always being the same old thing.  Politics is the same old thing, though amplified each election year to adapt to the way us stakeholders navigate and prefer to receive information. Four years is a long time between episodes of the Political Reality Show, and advances are made for the purpose of optimising our attention; new focus on the same old game.  It makes sense that the media and social media experts provide content filled with reality show "like" familiarity. 

We have been seasoned, incubated if you will, to play in the sandbox of political influence.  And with facebook and twitter and all the other platforms out there, us "lay people" can play a role in the studio production by expressing ourselves to our friends and families, non-stop, day after day, post after post.   Yes, there are those who occasionally make total asses out of themselves. Does anyone come to mind?  Has anyone gotten under your skin?  You don't really forget these folks do you?  Remember this all you fanatics.  Regardless, we sort it out online and through a host of other conventional processes until we line up and vote in November.

Yes, I have seen interesting things unfold on social media this past couple of months.  Pure acts of stupidity that left the writer likely wishing they "hadn't gone there" or "hadn't said that".  The funny thing is, they don't even own the commentary.  Most of the revelations belong to the talking heads, the reality show folks who race to have the last word on topics like abortion, jobs, nukes and oil.  All the "wished I hadn't written thats" make a morning out of cutting and pasting somebody else's rhetoric. I call these folks my "favorite person to hate" Facebook tribe, on cue with blurtings and platitudes meant to adjust the world from an early morning desktop coffee swig.  I have deleted a few, just for housekeeping's sake. 

I do stay away from declaring anything about either political party.  It is both parties that I am at issue with.  I have issues with the game of our current system, blah, blah, blah.  I have written plenty about this before.  And I have a good friend (whom I have not deleted) who insists on telling me that I don't write about anything of substance.  He says he doesn't "get" what I write about.  I think ranting about a candidate on either side of the debate is minus intellectual principal, minus that which many folks fail to see--that by conforming to the discussion, movement, cause or position of either party, we fail miserably in making progress.  Cliche, in my opinion, are my friends who waste their time cheering for candidates positioned by checkbooks, media influence and private agenda.  So we vote against those we hate.  Why would anyone vote against anyone?  Voting against is failure on our system to produce anyone who speaks the truth.  Our Political Reality Show wants us to vote against that which is worse.

So folks, we are closing in on the finish line.  Lets really let this thing rip, all you political ranting Facebook and Twitter folks!  I want some turbo driven rhetoric to spew so I can close my eyes and wait for just the right time to press that button, waiting, waiting to see if you are the best at being the worst before my chair spins around.  I am gonna push that red button and put you on stage with the others so you can compete for nothing more than being the most insignificant blip in popular political culture.  Once in the limelight our time will fade like everything else, filter future, ifyouknowhatimtalkinbout.


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