Friday, May 4, 2007

Outing Vampires

I hate vampires even though I might have been accused once or twice of being one. I never really took the bite, just got a little too close to the real deal. Those pesky individuals who try and suck the blood out of anyone who thrives.--those who capitalize on the occasional ill fate of others to increase their position--those who aim to look good at the expense of someone else looking bad.

Now, I don't know much about the Vampires of yesterday. I used to watch the movies like everyone, the neck biting of Bella Lugosi, the black and white movie images depicting a common theme of today: a statuesque individual living in a castle with a bunch of money, otherwise considered upstanding except for some occasional idiosyncrasies: staying up at night, not wanting to look at himself in the mirror, not appearing during the day etc. All seems normal until the story line reveals that the rich guy on the hill actually requires the blood of others in order to maintain life himself--that if he does not feed on the blood of immortals, he will perish, be exposed, find ill fate himself. He preys on those who truly live, not others like himself. Only after his bite will he pull them in to his own world.

Modern day Vampires are those who are not capable of providing energy (positive energy) for themselves. It is a condition, and/or a limitation and they have adapted in our world to overcome the shortfall. Vampires seek out those with energy, momentum and optimism. They lure a persons energy in for their own, stripping power, confidence and optimism from their host, in an attempt to control them, make them miserable, like they have become.

Vampires are everywhere and appear at a very young age. Usually around middle school, groups of vampires hanging around, growing in numbers, bullying, blood thirsty vampires sucking the blood/energy from others. A hierarchy appears in high school, the clothes, the styles; the goths, the preps, the freaks. It is tricky being able to point out the Vampires at such a young age, they are the manipulators, the backstabbers, the leaders of said groups, forming, judging, recruiting the masses, a buffet of followers. Those who remain independent and those who keep to themselves often never fall victim to the allure. Additionally, not everyone in the groups fall victim either, everyone is at risk. In every group is a vampire or two kindling the spirit, the agenda slowly seeking the trust for later use, strategic peer pressure that leads to bad decision making.

In college things fade a bit, Vampires need to conform and lay low, be sly, get educated, use their power, apply their dark values and absorb the skills needed for later, in business, sales, marketing, sports, management, politics.

Those who never really took the bite have the true advantage in college. They might have dabbled in the hierarchy in high school, participated in some bullying, immoralities, poor decision making, but never really made took the hit. With age comes a better understanding, a perspective of life, meaning, citizenship, fulfillment. There is "reflection", something Vampires lack. For some who were at high risk, self actualization happens and a re-invention occurs, never to go back to the darkness, the power, the trance, the influence, the membership of Vampires. True human spirit wins over the power of the Vampires, and life is better.

But a few remain, all the way up until we die. Expose them when it makes sense. Strategically and subtly. You will find that karma is the power, the Vampire killer of today.


herekittykitty said...

There are a kinder, gentler sort of vampire. The one's who work at night. Maybe they just feed off the moon. OOOOWWWWW!

Ralph Pfremmer said...

Ah yes, the sub culture of restaurant workers. I remember.

herekittykitty said...

but of course the sub culture within the sub culture (is that a micro culture?) They who prey upon Jack, Jameson and Johnnie Walker. Them is really scary. You'll wither away so fast you won't know what hit you.